Thursday, April 30, 2009

Branded or Unbranded?

Up to this day, at 16 months, my son still uses a ton of diapers. Now, imagine how much a 30-piece pack of diapers cost and multiply it by say 4 weeks (assuming that 30 pieces is enough to last a week, which usually does not happen). Depending on the brand you are buying for your kid, the cost could be anywhere from P1,800 to 2000 or as much as P3000 for some really high-end brands (P48 = $1) such as Mamy Poko. Quite expensive for tushy wrappers, right? That’s branded for you.

When my son was born, like any other parent, I wanted nothing but the best baby items for him. I scoured the internet for brands other mothers highly recommended. I bought the best newborn diaper and for the next 6 months of his life I stuck to the same brand, though in a different size. Add to that my efforts to ensure that he gets all his vaccines, vitamins and well-baby check ups. In the first 6 months of my baby’s life, money was not an object. I was in love.

When we were deciding on the details of his Christening, I had to do a double take. I realized that those first 6 months did quite a number on our bank account. Sad to say, we did not have the amount we needed to hold the kind of Christening we wanted for our son. Oh, we still had our son Christened but it was enough for me to do a reality check.

I went back to the online forums for parents and that is where I was introduced to “unbranded” or generic diapers. I was amazed that there was such a thing! The best part is it cost only half of what a branded diaper would cost. I was ecstatic!

So ecstatic was I that I decided to make a business out of selling unbranded diapers to other “budgetarians” or cost-conscious mothers.

Ever since I discovered unbranded diapers, my son has used nothing but those. And they are not very different from the branded ones he has used except for the plain plastic packaging. The unbranded diapers my son uses are also cloth-like, comes in either Velcro or tape adhesive and is also as absorbent as branded ones. So why spend more when a less expensive one can do the job just as well?

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