Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cyleina Organic Beauty Soaps

I have read in one of Bo Sanchez’ books (I actually have a lot of them… addicted to self-help?) that a person should not depend on just his or her monthly salary but should actually have numerous income streams, no matter how small those income streams are. So I’ve decided to revive a few of my ideas to have other income streams aside from oDesk.

One of these income-earning ideas is to sell online… and here it is, my first online business venture! These soaps normally retail for P60 each and the Glutamaxxx ultima one retails for P100, but I’m selling them for a lot less than what other authorized sellers are selling them for AND I’m willing to give more discount for bulk orders!!!

What’s more , I’ll soon be selling these wonderfully organic beauty soaps with a native soapholder, ribbon and gift tag… just perfect for the coming Christmas season!

What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW!!!

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  1. I also have Cyleina Glutamaxxx ultima selling for P100 each, but I can give generous discounts to bulk orders and re-sellers.

    Order now!