Thursday, February 4, 2010

I want to kick myself on the head...

I want to kick myself on the head... yeah, a lot of times I really do! My last post on this blog was in August of 2009! Boy, that is eons ago!

I was way tooooo busy dabbling in interior decorating (you should see how many re-arrangements our house has been to, I can still hear my mom saying, "umikot na naman ang bahay") and being a full-time houseMAID that I seldom have the energy or enthusiasm to post a new blog entry.

Yep, it was the "dark" ages for me all over again (actually, my dark ages come and go)... dark because I was feeling very low and was engaging in self-pity often that I had to constantly get myself dog-tired to get me off the feeling sorry for myself mode (kasi pag pagod ka na ayaw mo na mag-isip ng kahit ano, gusto mo na lang matulog o manood ng TV)... when you're a cum laude graduate from UP and your "career" is limited to that of being a houseMAID you just can't help but wallow in self-pity.

Anyway... after kicking myself on the head several times and coming to terms with the "blessings" I'm getting (my concept of blessings might be very different from yours in terms of value, whether monetary or otherwise, but nonetheless I have realized that we all are equally blessed. Buti na meron kesa wala!)here I am trying to pick up where I left off.

Actually, my main motivation, aside from finding an outlet for my angsts and frustrations in life, is the money I will be earning by continuing to blog. Yup, very apt for this particular blog of mine, don't you think?

I have been writing about how to save, how to make do with whatever money you have, so why not write about how to earn from what you have?

I'm a damn good writer (my oDesk clients swear by it) and it's about time I put it to good use! I'm through trying to get myself employed in a good company just to be able to wear nice clothes, have nice shoes and bags to match... I'm almost 37... and in the Philippine job market that is no longer acceptable, especially if you're not gunning for a managerial position.

Oh I've wanted to be a manager or at least a supervisor for as long as I can remember, but sometimes things just really don't work out the way I want them to. And I'm through trying to figure out why. Maybe it is really just not what is in my lucky stars. Dwelling on it even for the next 10 years will not change things... it will only make me 47 by then.

The fact is I have a 2-year old son now that I cannot bear leave with just the yaya so the work-at-home arrangement is what I really should be making the most out of... and make the most out of I will! (fingers and toes crossed... so help me God!)


  1. how was it working at home sis?

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  2. sis, hindi ka nagiisa. from UP din ako and hirap tanggapin maging housemaid noh?

    may plans si God for you, he has his own *funny* ways of pushing us in the right direction. i have just now realized that my being a wahm is the best decision i have (and maybe will ever) make in my life :)

  3. been reading your blog sis.

    and waiting for your update. :-)